Dec 16 2010: (Not yet changed, but I think the book is better value if
             the chapter about Lorentz lightspeed theory is changed into
             a chapter about the 9 roads of the revolution, explaining
             each one in turn to useful detail.)

June 9 2009: Changed web-adress toward "," it occured in:
             a0_title_intro-3p.pdf (3) n5_david_action-10p.pdf (4,5,6)
             y5_disproving_relativity-62p.pdf (62) z8_backside-1p.pdf (1)
May 18 2009: Had to change first 2 sentences of a5_* because of a copyright 
             on them by van Dale (sorry). Stupid of me not to write my own
             definition right away. Had to break promise not to change
             anything anymore to avoid legal problems, sorry. Nothing
             else was changed, also not 100 to 50 persons in voter group. I
             think it is probably useful to show that mistakes are being made.
Feb 15 2008: Removed "no taste revolution," it was potentially wrong and worded
             too strong. Added "D.A.V.I.D." small scale text simulation, 
             "4-8 / S".  People who understand examples easier then 
             abstractions may find it clearer to understand: a story about a 
             tiny group.
Feb 09 2008: Updated pages "8 / Y" and "9 / Y" and "62 / Y," see Feb 02.
Feb 02 2008: Tom found a mistake in SR-contradiction #1. Pages "8 / Y"
             and "9 / Y" changed (in the original the reference-frames
             were inertial, causing the balls to change mass during
             collision; I had not noticed this, the balls gaining weight
             during collision. Changed it to callange the ponated idea
             that you can not have accelerating reference-frames.)
Jan 23 2008: 7/F: "to to" -> "to". 8/F "In potentially" -> "It".
             10/F: "(..." -> ")". 46/F art. 3.2.b-2.1 + "against an
             entrepreneur who also has merit." (defunct out-of-context.)
             39/F: "" -> " business."
             39/O, 40/O new: parts about what to do with excess credit;
             buy land for distribution; non-profit administration example.
Jan  4 2008: Added o_.. pages 36-39 "Action Before Law Changes".
Dec 30 2007: Spelling: 4/b comittee (+m), 10/p ". the" (=T)
Dec 25 2007: n5_.. sheet2 was muddled to read, improved.
Dec 10 2007: a0_.. freeware-logo attributed to maker (copyright)
Dec 09 2007: e5_.. page number 3 points too large, corrected.
Nov 29 2007: n5_.. page 4+5+6 z8_.. (links simpler, shorter link is useful?)
Nov 28 2007: o5_... page 33 (top image)
Nov 27 2007: Got `' domainname: n5_david_action z8_backside updated.
Nov 25 2007: - spellchecked (again)
             - toc and page-numbers (per unit)
             - A4 page format, header-text
             This is probably the final version.
Nov 21 2007: i2_... (all), i3_... p 42+44+45, y1_... p 12+24, (cosmetic).
Nov 20 2007: y1_... & i3_... & i0_... 3.1.b-1: Defined referendum
             initiative criteria (10% Petition)
Nov 19 2007: u1_... (appendix 3), k1_... (pages 7+8 (deletion))
             a1_... (intro), k1_... (sheet2.txt, ``* Divide the N...'' 3rd 
Nov 14 2007: u1_... (appendix 3)
Nov 13 2007: Title, Introduction: a1_title...
Nov 12 2007: Removed excess page i9...chap9
             Page 3 small image k1_david...
Nov 11 2007: Text-table: m1_revolution_detail-35p.pdf.gz,
             One title: p1_self_critique-3p.pdf.gz.
             Tweaks: g1_designing_change-23p.pdf.gz.
             Tweaks: u1_proof_of_morality-19p.pdf.gz.
Nov 10 2007: Title, Appendix 4 x3_disproving_relativity-19p.pdf.gz.
             Re-ordered additions x*, first page of 
             Added separator page before additions x*, y*.
             Bigger title there.
Nov  9 2007: reworded article 3.1.d, removed changelog constitution,
             bugfix date
             Better images quality, k1_david_action-11p.pdf.gz, some tweaks.
             Changed appendix: u1_proof_of_morality-19p.pdf.gz.
             Filled empty page: x3_disproving_relativity-19p.pdf.gz.
Nov  8 2007: polished a1_title_intro-3p.pdf.gz (better quality front page 
             image, some tweaks).
Nov  7 2007: bugfix: u1_proof_of_morality-19p.pdf.gz (weapon dates),
             better quality pigeon picture, j1_lawfigures-15p.pdf.gz paginated.
Nov  6 2007: 1st Edition