`What does this mean for me ?'

If we did all the above, globally, so that no war resulted, these changes will mean different things for different people. Naturally one would want to know what it means for ... you ! I'd expect the following changes for various people:

Abused people: things may look up, because if people are more happy with their life, more secure in their income, they tend to become less frustrated and abusive, but make sure Government doesn't forget to be responsible.

Advertisement industry: no changes.

All kinds of advice businesses: no changes.

Anarchists: well, actually things do look up if you can manage to get your own country. If all you actually wanted was less oppression, you probably already have that with this system, in both cases things look better then they ever have.

Army: lots of changes, but should keep the job and might get a raise for being a good sport about this. In general, war-fighting will be just one of the tasks trained for. The army will not be allowed to carry weapons over the border in times of peace, and can therefore not sail with weapons ships on the oceans. More training for things like flooding, famine, chaos, fires, epidemics.

Art: no changes, maybe more inspiration and more beautiful art if the world is more beautiful.

Black markets, black workers: no changes in principle, still have to evade the law and police.

Book publishers, commodity producers (from spoons to shoes): no changes, except organization of the companies themselves.

Building industry: no changes, except organization of the companies themselves.

Butchers, Cattle rangers, meat producers: have to take reasonable care of the animals, not hurt them.

Casino's, gambling (excluding gambling in the economy): no changes.

Charities: no direct changes, but could be awarded (huge) sums of money to invest (at will) to achieve the stated aims, if the Government/People think that is a good thing to invest in.

Conservatives: to the degree `Conservatives' want to preserve the past (what parts?) such as a disparity of power between leaders and minions, things look worse then they ever did, and this is probably not a recoverable problem.

Criminals: fraud should get more difficult, and with natural advances in technology crime will be getting more difficult all the time; less chance to hire yourself to a corrupt Government.

Doctors, medicine, nurses: will probably receive more funding from Government, people value health very highly; more funding for tropical medicine as well.

Drugs business (criminal): no changes from this system in principle, depends on Government decisions.

Entrepreneurs of medium/large businesses (30 or more employees): same as 10 to 29 employees, but employees now get the ability to occupy the building of your business, the police will not be allowed to throw them out. Therefore you can not abuse workers to such a degree that they will occupy the business. Hopefully this will mean there is no changes for you.

Entrepreneurs of small businesses (10 to 29 employees): same as 7 to 9 employees, but you can not sell the company to anyone but the employees. You can not give it to your son/daughter. But this potential sale at your discretion is to be fair, which means taking over of (honest) debt, a fair price, and a share of future profits for life. Otherwise no changes.

Entrepreneurs of small businesses (6 or less employees): your big competitors may become less price competitive, because they are likely to become democracies which means higher worker wages therefore higher prices. They may also fracture into smaller businesses. Therefore things are probably looking better. You retain total control over the business, can sell it to anyone, disintegrate it, etc, no changes in control. But you will be forced to give `a clear indication' of how the profit is split within the business. What `clear indication' means depends on Government regulation. This is meant to stimulate consumer selection on this issue, makes consumers know what organizational product they are implicitly buying.

Entrepreneurs of small businesses (7 to 9 employees): same as 6 or less employees, but employees can veto firing of employees and the disintegration of the business.

Environmentalists: things should look good, with the more democracy and removal of wealth-run Countries, policies and laws could become more rational and environmentally friendly. Not just talk, but doing too.

Farmers: will start renting land from either specialized resource-rent companies or individuals, the Government sets a maximum on this rent cost.

Fascists: things look bad, democracy won.

Fire-men: no changes.

Internationalists: things look up: trade, fair trade, no war.

Investors, investment bank owners, stock exchanges, land title hoarders, speculators of all kinds: find a real job. You will probably need to get some education because you haven't been doing anything that is useful. Most of you should be smart enough to find something, maybe in accounting and administration.

Lawyers, Judges: continue as is, but with a new constitution some study is required. The details of law that don't conflict with the constitution remain the same in principle, which may actually be the bulk of the law.

Liberals, free speech, free chances for all: things should look dramatically better, especially with the resource-distribution, chances are way more equal for all.

Lobby groups: no changes, except organization of the companies themselves.

Managers, Bosses: if you're not an entrepreneur, you will be applying for a job not with a money fund or previous owners, but with a group of employees; the job of managing and bossing will become more sensitive to the workers, who can fire you. You will be judged by different people whether you will be allowed to keep your job. If you are a rude person, things look down, if you are a friendly and competent person, things look very good.

Mercenaries: things look very bad if there is less war, which is likely, certainly long term. Find a peace-time job, maybe in the army or in civil security.

Miners: the rules for businesses or government monopolies apply, both mean more power for workers. The mine itself could be nationalized or if meaningful competition is possible it could become fractured between many businesses. In many cases mining is likely to become a nationalized industry.

Music: no changes.

NWO: nope, you'll have a hard time gaining global control. Multinational companies are cut off at the borders of Countries, the Nations do not accept a higher power in their Country but themselves. There is international diplomacy, but it is based on communications between Nations, and not on its own global platform. You will also have more trouble massing armies of different countries together for rape and pillage, this problem will get worse over time. With global Capitalism gone, Countries no longer disintegrate, and don't need the outside "help." With the high level of democracy in Countries, the international diplomacy is more likely to revolve around actual charity and good will (as opposed to the media deceptions around it). Also with the past experience of the NWO, people are on the lookout not to repeat its disasters again.

Nationalists: things look great, finally the Nation is fully sovereign, forever - even the chance of war and defeat should come down. The borders are not open at all, they can be closed at will.

Nature maintenance: should be ok.

News anchors/newspaper editors: less predictable material compared to the manipulative subject choices, unfair bias and half truth/lies you are spewing now every day. The minority groups who purchase and profit from the manipulations are gone, employee run companies will probably want to advertise in different type media. Market share of truth is likely to increase, should get less single directional bias across the industry: translates into higher job quality, a more interesting job.

Owners of great Wealth, Money or property: you loose, find a job. With some luck you retain something, but it won't be that much.

Police: no changes.

Politicians: popular politicians are likely to find at least one voter block somewhere that wants to elect them, or maybe even one sector of the country for the Country Council. Current politicians will probably be back in business as politicians somewhere, and have the potential to be voted into power in different places. However it could often be local Government, or maybe an advice function, and not National (only 50 places there).

Polluters: no direct changes, but care for nature is likely to go up, and with it laws against pollution - there may also be less funding for polluting businesses then there used to be.

Popular stars of music, sports, etc: you'll continue to sell your apparently great product, so whatever happens, the money keeps on coming. However, with private investors gone and with it the single handed control over large amounts of money, you may find you are discussing income with a group of employees instead. Whether this means more or less income, it is difficult to say, sometimes it may be more, other times it could be less. If the public has more money, it may have more money to buy your product, maybe that makes up for a loss, if there is one. So: could go several ways, but none too extreme probably. If you are extremely wealthy though, look under `Owners of great Wealth.' Stars are classified as workers (that's good), therefore your wealth up to more or less the new limit won't be taken away from you during a financial take-over of the Country, because it was earned by working. Hence: keep an eye out for the `maximum amount of wealth,' in your country, if you are rich. Don't invest your money in the stock-exchange and such, it could mean that is all taken away from you, depending on what happens.

Power plant workers: can't say for sure but there is a good change you'll end up in the public sector, like public transportation, especially the big power plants. Small power plants that can have meaningful competitiveness between them, could be in the free market. Power plants may also end up in a semi free market.

Prisoners: there will be no death sentences, that punishment is gone. You'll get the right to be segregated all the time from other prisoners, which might be good if you're innocent. You'll have a right to read, if you don't already. Otherwise things remain the same. However, with better economic opportunities and more justice in the economy, you are less likely to have to commit crimes for lack of food etc. Less likely to need to steal.

Progressives: the acid of private capital is removed, it can no longer threaten politics with financial chaos if politics don't do what it wants. They are neither around to offer bribes to politicians (sweet jobs), or give them the wrong advice. Secondly, politics will have the power of finance for itself, making the potential to act much greater. Things are looking dramatically better, short term but even more so long term. The negative effect of private investment is removed, with that weight gone all progressive initiative will find life getting better, social business setup should be able to survive just fine.

Public transportation workers: end up in a nationalized industry which is probably managed by internal democracy overseen by the government, taken out of the private markets.

Religionists: no changes, if you wanted a better world, maybe you finally got what you wanted ! Note the power if you organize voter blocks, and the potential to play a positive role here using State power. The system proposed here is, I claim, the essence of the economy that Moshe describes in the Torah. One can say: every Country becomes an Israelite Country, with laws for modern times, each one based on reason. This could mean some of the essential hopes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam would perhaps have come true.

Retail bank workers, investment bank employees: if you work there, you may continue to work there but not for a private fund but a public fund, as part of democratic nationalized finance, which also implies all the usual money transactions. You may get different goals though, toward managing the economy for its own benefit and the people, rather then trying to make maximum profit.

Retirees & Pensioners: depends on Government decisions, probably no significant changes, though there is a chance the pension system will be changed somewhat from only insurance to a base income plus optional insurance: standard Government pension: simplified and implicit nationalized old age insurance.

Royal family: it depends on your popularity, if that is high - it usually is high, much higher then an average person - then there should be no trouble to be elected in the top 10. If this is not successful, the royal family could end up losing its job and must find another, but may retain an amount of private wealth, or maybe a castle, that's how these things tend to go.

Scientists: no specific changes, but high end democratic government is likely to have a greater interest in the truth, and spend more money on getting it. Economics should be better, justice better, lots of investment in better health-care, more study on the maintenance of nature, disaster avoidance, clean technologies. Less investments for weapons, spy stuff. In all, things are probably looking up because truth is something to hold on to.

Socialists / Communists: this is our victory. This is what comes progressively after capitalism: the removal of private finance, trade in whole companies that ignore worker rights, and trade in natural resources which in practice ends up under control of large financial interests. This is socialism, formally, and the spirit of it.

Spies: there will probably be less interest in this service, because there is less war tension. Spying and government secrecy do not work well with democracy, maybe the police can use undercover agents to fight organized crime. Write a book or movie so we get to know what we missed, probably a (large) market for that.

Sport organizations for people: no changes, except organization of the companies themselves.

Students: studying for jobs that the government deems common interest will be regarded as work, the product being the skills the students acquire. For building this "product" inside themselves, they are payed. This should mean most students don't need additional jobs or loans. Loans will be harder to get if you can not present collateral, because loans (parts/remainder) that have no collateral are terminated after 7 years running.

TV/Entertainment/Radio: no changes.

Teachers: schools are half in the markets (consumer choice), and half nationalized (receive government funding for teaching). How this exactly is being done may differ, it is possible that teachers are government payed, or that pupils/parents receive government money to pay schools. In general there is probably not much changes, and private schools are allowed.

Tourism: in principle no changes from this system, but whether nature will allow the pollution associated with tourism, who knows. With fully sovereign nations and a more stable economy in which wealth (power) is better distributed, more people might have the necessary money to go on vacations, and be interested in visiting different countries. If it is not the same (Capitalist) misery there as everywhere, maybe tourism is going to attract more people, who want to visit other nicely going countries.

Unemployed: it is probably getting easier to be employed, because businesses that are run by employees are more likely to take a caring attitude. With your resource-right, at least you have one potential source of income and economic opportunity that nobody can take away.

Volunteer organizations: no changes.

Weapons manufacturers: maybe 90%-95% could go bankrupt if you can't diversify to peace-time production.

Weapons scientists: you'll be lucky to just lose your job, but in principle that's all that would result, try to get a peace-time job.

Workers businesses run by original entrepreneur: no immediate changes, except some additional powers if you are with more employees: 7 or more veto the firing of employees and prevent destruction of business by employer; 10 or more the business will have to be sold fairly to you if the entrepreneur leaves; 30 or more also allowed to occupy the business.

Workers businesses run not by original entrepreneur and Workers of international businesses: you will become owners of the business, and have to get yourself organized as a democracy. There are all kinds of ways to do this, find one that works for you. This will in general mean you get better working conditions and income then under dictatorial rule, depending on success in the markets. However, income and conditions are modified by general health of the markets, country, etc. International businesses are detached from their foreign management, get yourself organized as an independent unit if possible, with potential trade based relations to your foreign employer.

World, different parts of the -: what these changes, if implemented widely, will do is keep the spoils of productivity inside a country, which also goes for mineral wealth. Countries who currently are very rich but use remote sweat shops in other countries and remote mines in other countries while sucking out the profits to their own living place (in another Nation and/or continent), will lose these income sources, which would become criminal. Countries who have significant wealth based on remote effort, are likely to see some kind of economic down turn from losing it, which is offset internally for the poorer half in such a rich country by a more equitable and actual productivity based distribution of income, through distribution of power. Other parts of the world may regain the control over their own resources and productivity, and hence be able to do an amount better economically, but only if they can maintain order and discipline for themselves. For all regions the economic prosperity depends on the self discipline and good will of the large majority, and the level of absence of criminal entities and individuals. Countries who are very rich by sucking wealth, may have this criminal class focus more heavily on domestic income, where they would before have been more forgiving in their dealing with the locals for the sake of not upsetting the seat from which they would suck wealth from other countries. Therefore there could be an unexpected rise in local criminality in parasitic rich countries, although it remains to be seen whether the people sucking wealth from other areas in the world will be able to adapt to local crime, or if they will choose productivity. Countries that are highly productive, disciplined, innovative and resource rich are likely to do best. In the end natural resources are not a wonder cure for an economy, because they run out and will have to be replaced by recycling. Prosperity all gravitates toward economic justice. Continuing scientific and technical improvements form a rising tide that lift all boats, provided the population does not grow so fast that the improvements would be absorbed by more people. However if the chances of death decrease, experience has shown - also for other mammals - that the number of offspring per individual decrease, causing an overall reduction or stabilization of the population size.