In this text mistakes in the organization of society are pointed out, solutions to these problems are worked out in detail into a national constitution proposal, the story concludes with how to achieve the desired objective of implementing the constitution. The international scene is envisioned as a free cooperation model between completely sovereign nations.

The problem of society is lack of economic equality of power, expressed as private capitalism, monopolized resource hoarding, and the dictatorial business style that results from these. The trade between two productive people is the central idea in the solution. It is an agreed cooperation between two entities made explicit, the essence of trade is therefore cooperation. It demands equality of power to be fair and therefore useful. This equality of power is achieved by resource ownership right, and turning businesses in democracies once the entrepreneur leaves. The nefarious private finance sector that distorts the markets becomes in whole a tool for democratic policy making by elected government. This adds one more power to the state: finance. To keep this working for the people, the government is organized so that it is tied hand and foot to the will of the people.

Because history has shown that the rich don't want to do what is in the interest of the people, humanity or nature, a revolutionary perspective had to be developed; but the quiet road to success is also mapped out in detail, needless to say that is the preferred way to do it. Both ways rely heavily on knowledgeable majority support and are therefore by definition democratic.

It isn't necessary to read everything from beginning to end in order to understand it.