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Usenet: news:alt.politics.socialism (and such)
IRC: irc:// (``#david239'' a good channel name on any server to talk about the issues suggested to happen on this site ??) Not sure whether these links work. Try an IRC client. I'm usually named `joshb' (policy & location))

Note: by the time my proposal is getting done to the degree it should be, it is conceivable there would be too many e-mails to me and I will have to ignore them all (currently, 2010, there are never any questions). It is much better to post to Usenet for example alt.politics.socialism, or try IRC, because other people may know how something works in this proposal and can help you immediately, while if you e-mailed me it would never even be read because there could be too many and 2ndly because of e-mail privacy it is harder to reply to an e-mail and put the answer on Usenet. I can simply read these Usenet groups like anyone else and reply there to any issues, which seems much more efficient for everyone in case this thing hits the road broadly and mightely. ... The system as it is published by now is very detailed and hence probably 99.99% of questions people could think off is already detailed somewhere several times over (which doesn't mean you shouldn't ask a question because you don't want to spend month reading (often boring) stuff, merely saying that people who do like to study the proposals at length will know the answers from the top of their heads I guess.) In case you post to use a relevant topic, "read this jos" will get ignored unless traffic is slim. If there are big debates going on about details in this DAVID239+ system then I probably see that as well and would comment on it too, which may very well end up being erroneous arguments and proposals from me mind you.

        (Warning: form below records IP number, you should use an untraceable IP if you want anonymity anyway (please do if you think that is a wise decision, revolutions don't generally carry the approval of those who will lose their power and money !))

To restate revolutionary doctrine on this: whatever you post here, assume your worst enemy has it on his desk before I read it; so don't send me any secrets. The system proposed here is *power distribution* hence this site is not a *power concentration* either. No management flows out of this site, only some proposed laws to build up your local management for yourselves, and keep it from corrupting.