The Hebrew calendar is superior, because:

1. It is an inferior practice to start a new year count from zero, for
   whatever reason. It upsets all counting, all books. Therefore the 
   oldest count is always the first and probably only choice. The Chinese 
   count is now in the year 4607 the Hebrew count is in the year 5768, 
   the christian count is 2007.

2. The Hebrew Calendar was always the highest quality calendar, most
   precise with the rotation of the Earth (for what I know).

3. The Hebrew Calendar uses a Moon based month, which is an interesting
   and useful feature for the foreseeable future. The Moon isn't going
   away any time soon. With the Moon Month, you know the day of the 
   month by looking at the Moon.

4. The future of mankind (is there is to be any) will be a social
   society of some kind. The Jews are tied in with that in countless
   ways, even christian morality comes 100% from Judaism, whether the
   christians admit it or not. It is nonsensical to start a new year
   count when a new Messiah-cult splits off from Judaism. I note that
   Christianity is an imploding religion, can't say that surprises me
   given the heaps of contradictions it has inherited. The Jews have
   maintained their calendar over more then 5768 years, seems they are
   doing well in keeping traditions up.

5. In the past, new year counts were inspired by dramatic changes in
   the world, such as revolutions and the breaking of slavery (French
   Revolution). Why not simply get back to the oldest count associated
   with social justice: the Hebrew Calendar, instead of heaping chaos
   upon chaos by starting yet new calendars.

6. One very beautiful thing about the Hebrew and Chinese Calendar
   year counts is that they start around the time that humanity
   first becomes capable of keeping calendars. It seems only natural
   and honorable to keep these "true" counts going.

7. The older the count, the less problems with minus-numbers. The older
   the count, the more coherency between various records.

The Hebrew new day starts at Sundown, which is unusual, though.
But if that's the way it is, then that's the way it is. Too late to
change it now.

Christians should never have changed the Calendar in the first place, 
which was an act of sectarianism. The Hebrew Calendar was never a
sectarian Calendar, it was a National Calendar. The christian count
wasn't started to keep dates because they needed to, it was presumably
started to get back at the rest of non-christian society and to somehow
devalue what came before as insignificant. Such callous acts should
be punished. Reverting to the Hebrew Calendar, which conveniently
voids much of the "BCE/BE/AD" problems seems a good punishment for
creating Calendar chaos.

The Hebrew Calendar:

- Has a somewhat shorter Month then Christian.
- Has the usual 7 days of the week.
- The next day name/number starts at sun-down, not at sun-lowest.
  I'm not positive that this is smart, but ok.
- There is sometimes a second Month Adar, to line the Moon rotation
  up with the Earth rotation around the Sun.
- The Months don't rotate around in the Solar year, though they
  wiggle a little to the extend of one Month (if I get it right).
- 12 Month names: Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Sh'vat, Adar, Nisan,
  Iyyar, Sivan, Tamuz, Av, Elul. Sometimes: Adar II to correct the
  Moon-Solar year mis-match.
- Year count started in the year: 0 Hebrew is minus 3761 Christian (BC).
  What is wrong with that year zero ? Absolutely nothing. Why did the
  Hebrews start there: probably a count based on the religious texts,
  and then kept for a very long period. Why did the Christians start
  a new count in the year 3761 ? Probably for PR purposes. The year
  3761-Hebrew is not the time when people more or less became capable
  of keeping calendars.

Hence, because Hebrew Calendar is associated with moral progress, and
because it is oldest, and starts in a good time fitting technical
progress on Earth, and voids much of the minus-problem, and is the
highest quality calendar - though it has an unusual day-change moment -
and because Christian count needs retribution for producing confusion
and has most definitely not produced world peace, we should ask
Governments to change to it. I'm pretty sure many Jewish people will
disagree because of the trouble (or whatever), but this isn't about 
Judaism, it is about not messing with a perfectly good calendar to
begin with. 

Chinese count seems good as well. The older the year count, the better.
Christian is at least a bad choice, or maybe they could change their
year number to either Chinese or Hebrew. No doubt these changes will

(Stupid of me to worry about this, I just don't like the needless
messing with a good Calendar.)